Advanced Pin Bar Reversal with Trend Indicator & Expert Advisor




  • The back test reports below are for the individual pairs listed, and for that particular time frame. Trade frequency is  limited in the back testing due to the optimizations being done for the highest probability trade set ups. Optimizations can  done to increase the frequency of set ups found.

  • The EA should being run on multiple pairs over multiple time frames. This will provide consistent gains spread throughout the year depending on the number of pairs and time frames traded.  The results summaries below will show the effect of running the EA on multiple pairs and multiple time frames at the same time.

  • The Optimizations below were done at 1% risk (of account balance) per trade and were done to maximize expectancy and profitability. Relaxation of the filters in the EA can increase trade frequency at the expense of expectancy and profit factors.

  • When reviewing the backtest reports, take note of the average $ per winning trade and loss for losing trades. You will see incredibly favorable Reward:Risk ratios in the 2:1 to 7:1 range

  • We do not provide optimized results for use with the EA's. They will vary depending on the user's preferences, trading style, broker's GMT time (and Data used for testing) and also the user's preferences for Risk:Reward ratio's, trade frequency and risk tolerance for draw down and other factors. The manual for each EA will provide sample optimization suggestions for different time frames.

  • The user defined parameters shown in the backtest results are NOT recommended settings, as they may not relate to your brokers GMT time and your own preferences for the many variations possible.

Pin Bar Reversal Back Testing...

Detailed 5 year Back testing results for each major currency pair are available. Below is a sample of one for the Pin Bar Reversal Expert Advisor. Clicking on the image will show you the full backtest with trades taken.

These show 5 year back test results for the USDCHF for the Hour, 4 Hour and Daily time frames. Below these you will find a summary of gains for those 3 charts combined for that pair. (Click on image to enlarge)




GBPUSD 4HR Opt.jpg


GBPUSD Daily Opt.jpg
GBPUSD Opt Summary.jpg

Summary  of  GBPUSD  HR, 4HR and DAILY 5 Year charts combined

83% 5 year gain, One currency pair, 3 time frames

Desktop Users

Click on the pair and time frame backtest reports for that pair (PDF)