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Advanced Pin Bar Reversal with Trend Indicator & Expert Advisor




  • This classic, tried and true Price Action pattern is timeless and applies to all markets.

  • The Pin Bar Trend EA identifies and trades the Pin Bar patterns in the direction of the overall Trend.

  • It can be optimized and applied to any MT4 chart on any time frame.

  • The Pin Bar identifier is fully customizable for all Pin Bar parameters including  wick and tail size (in proportion to overall Pin Bar size), overall Pin Bar size in Pips.

  • The Pin Bar identifier can be set to identify false break Pin Bars which break above or below a determined number of previous candles as well as how many pips above or below the previous candles.


  • The Trend filtering system includes  optimizable short term and long term EMA filters, as well as a EMA Trend strength function to help avoid flat markets. It can also be set to identify Pin Bar breaks into either or both of the EMA filters.


  • The EA has a confirmation function, which when turned off turns the EA into a sophisticated Indicator with Alert system.

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Money Management


  • User Defined parameters for Risk:Reward to create high returns with low drawdowns.  Risk can be determined by either Risk %  or Risk $

  • Entry can either be by breaks above or below the Pin Bar, or by Pending Limit orders to improve Reward:Risk



  • User Defined parameters for Risk:Reward to create potential for high returns with low draw downs.  Risk can be determined by either Risk %  (in relation to account balance), or a fixed dollar amount per trade.

  • Entry can either be by breaks above or below the Pin Bar, or by Pending orders to improve Reward:Risk ratios

Important - Please Read Carefully


  • This EA has to be Optimized by the user/purchaser for each time frame and financial instrument it is applied to on MT4     WE DO NOT PROVIDE DATA SETS FOR THE PURCHASER.    This is not possible as these optimized data sets need to fit with the users individual Brokers  GMT time frame and historical data for back testing.

  • The user must have a solid back ground and understanding Price Action theory and terminology in order to use this EA This will allow easy understanding of the user defined parameters in the EA and will allow incredible customization ability to fit the EA to the Users trading style and preferences.

  • The user must have knowledge and experience in back testing procedures within MT4 as well as access to historical data for their broker to apply the back testing to for optimizations.

  • The EA is provided with an extensive Manual explaining each of the user defined parameters for each pattern traded by the EA. It also provides some suggestions for getting started with optimizations.

This Expert Advisor is NOT FOR YOU if you are not comfortable with strategy testing optimization processes with MT4. The user must optimize and back test the EA for each time frame and instrument it is used on.