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Price Action Combination

Indicator & Expert Advisor

(Pin Bar, Inside Bar and Engulfing Bar)




  • This  Expert Advisor combines the Pin Bar with Trend, Inside Bar Breakout with Trend and the Engulfing Bar Breakout with Trend ALL in one Expert Advisor.

  • The Expert Advisor can run ANY combination of thePrice Action based Expert Advisors within it. Each be run individually or in ANY combination.

  • Each Price Action pattern can be optimized individually within the EA, and Each Price Action Pattern can have separate money money functions for risk, stop loss, take profits

  • All patterns can provide notifications to the user and all can be set to require confirmation of the set up before entering the orders. Each EA can also run autonomously if desired.

  • Please note: Pending Limit Orders (for retracement entries) available in the Pin Bar with Trend EA, is NOT present in the Pin Bar with Trend component of the Price Action Combo EA. The logic for this function directly interferes with function of the Inside Bar Breakout EA. All other aspects of the Pin Bar with Trend component of this EA are EXACTLY like the stand alone Pin Bar Expert Advisor.

Money Management


  • Money Management features for each Price Action EA within the Combined EA, are managed individually. This allows the user to  assign completely unique money management parameters for each set up within the EA.


  • Each EA allows for User Defined parameters for Risk:Reward to create high returns with low draw downs.  Risk can be determined by either Risk %  or Risk $



  • User Defined parameters for Risk:Reward to create potential for high returns with low draw downs.  Risk can be determined by either Risk %  (in relation to account balance), or a fixed dollar amount per trade.

  • Entry can either be by breaks above or below the Pin Bar, or by Pending orders to improve Reward:Risk ratios

Important - Please Read Carefully


  • This EA trades 3 distinct price action patterns in any combination desired by the user. Each price action pattern traded (Pin Bar, Inside Bar and Engulfing Bar patterns) have very unique parameters that need to be defined by the user. This complexity and variability is what makes this EA unique compared to standard EA's which try and fit all time frames and pairs to the same algorithm. This allows the EA to be "fit" to each time frame it's applied to and to each instrument.

  • This EA has to be Optimized by the user/purchaser for each time frame and financial instrument it is applied to on MT4     WE DO NOT PROVIDE DATA SETS FOR THE PURCHASER.    This is not possible as these optimized data sets need to fit with the users individual Brokers  GMT time frame and historical data for back testing.

  • The user must have a solid back ground and understanding Price Action theory and terminology in order to use this EA This will allow easy understanding of the user defined parameters in the EA and will allow incredible customization ability to fit the EA to the Users trading style and preferences.

  • The user must have knowledge and experience in back testing procedures within MT4 as well as access to historical data for their broker to apply the back testing to for optimizations.

  • The EA is provided with an extensive Manual explaining each of the user defined parameters for each pattern traded by the EA. It also provides some suggestions for getting started with optimizations.

  • Please review the image below to see a list of the user defined parameters for the EA. The first column is the Pin Bar Trend Trader, second is the Inside Bar Trend Trader and the final column is the Engulfing Bar Trend Trader.

This Expert Advisor is NOT FOR YOU if you are not comfortable with strategy testing optimization processes with MT4. The user must optimize and back test the EA for each time frame and instrument it is used on.

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