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  • This EA trades based off the Overbought and Oversold levels as determined by the Stochastic Indicator in MT4

  • The EA filters these Stochastic Level signals with a sophisticated Trend Filtering System. This includes optimizable short term and long term EMA filters, as well as a EMA Trend strength / slope function to help avoid flat markets.

  • It can be optimized and applied to any MT4 chart on any time frame.

  • The EA can be optimized for different Stochastic parameter values (K, D ) as well as upper and lower Stochastic Levels.

  • The EA has an allowed trade times function to filter trades according to different open market times.

  • The EA has complete money management features including risk (either fixed lot or percentage of account), and a Move to Breakeven function. The EA can set  Stops and Take Profit levels according to either fixed Pip values, or as a function of Risk:Reward (ie. Stop is at 1% (Risk) level, Take Profit can be any multiplier of the Risk for the trade)

  • The EA can place either Market orders or Pending Stop orders, allowing time to review setups before the orders are filled.

  • The EA has a confirmation function, which when enabled  turns the EA into a sophisticated Indicator with Alert system. This allows the user to review and confirm a setup before the order placed.



  • Due to the high number are user defined inputs into the EA (depending on user preferences for trading time frames, trade frequency, expectancy, draw down tolerance, etc. Optimizations will be highly variable.

  • The EA can be optimized for high profitability, low draw down, high expectancy at the expense of trade frequency (higher quality setups happen less frequently which improves profitability but decreases trade frequency, and vice versa)

  • Patience is required to use this EA with higher profitability settings due to a lower trade frequency. This can be improved by running the EA with higher profitability settings on multiple charts and time frames.

  • The optimizations presented here will show this variability for one pair using strict filter options (improved set up quality) and also using less restricted filter options (improved trade frequency)

  • Users of this EA must optimize and create their own set files according to their trade style and preferences. WE DO NOT provide optimized set files. We can provide some  possible suggested set files to be used for optimizations for various time frames.

Optimizations examples below were completed at 2% risk per trade, to show a worst case scenario from a Draw down perspective.  We don't recommend more than 1% risk per trade.

Optimizations were done over a 5 year period to cover multiple conditions.

Optimization show 2 examples

  • A higher trade frequency (lower quality setups with fewer filters engaged) , lower profitability optimization

  • A lower trade frequency (higher quality setups with multiple filters engaged), higher profitability optimization

Please note the consistent equity curve, low draw downs, and average wins vs losses in a row.

USDCAD 30 Min, 5 year, 2% Risk per trade

Optimized for higher trade frequency (relaxed filter settings)


Stoch UCAD Relaxed.jpg

USDCAD 30 Min, 5 year, 2% Risk per trade

Optimized for lower trade frequency, higher quality setups

(strict filter settings)


Stoch UCAD Strict.jpg

The Expert Advisor can be optimized for anytime frame. The examples below show optimized back tests using high filtering functions (fewer setups but higher quality setups) for the USDCAD 15 Minute, 30 Minute, Hour and 4 Hour time frames.

Please note the equity curves, low draw downs, and average consecutive win and loss trades.


The risk per trade in the back tests was set at 2% to show worst case scenarios for draw downs. We don't recommend any more than 1% per trade and at this level, the draw downs would be even lower

We suggest optimizing the advisor for several time frames and for several pairs using strong filtering parameters to increase the quality of setups identified. Trade frequency is reduced using strong filter settings, but this can be offset by running on multiple pairs and time framed simultaneously.


USDCAD 15 Min, 5 year, 2% Risk per trade


RSI Trend UCAD 30 LF.jpg

USDCAD 30 Min, 5 year, 2% Risk per trade


RSI Trend UCAD 30 LF.jpg

USDCAD HR Min, 5 year, 2% Risk per trade


RSI Trend UCAD 30 LF.jpg

USDCAD 4HR, 5 year, 2% Risk per trade


RSI Trend UCAD 30 LF.jpg

The following video shows an optimized backtest for the USDCAD 15 Minute chart, over 5 years.

This optimization was done using "medium" level filtering parameters. If filters are relaxed trade frequency would increase at the expense of profit factor.